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IPO Services

IPO Process

Going public is a defining moment in the growth of a company, and often the signature achievement in the careers of those who made it possible. The IPO process, however, can be daunting, with countless technical accounting requirements and procedural details. Yes, experience matters.


As one of the world’s largest and most respected accounting and advisory organizations, we have guided numerous companies through all stages of the IPO process. We work constantly and collaboratively with finance teams, external auditors, board directors, legal counsel, and investment banking professionals.

Our Roles

Comprehensive audit preparation, Evaluation of governance and operational structures, Assist drafting of registration statements, Conversion from private-company to public-ready financials, Preparation of stub period financial statements, Upgrades to existing accounting policies, Assistance with comment letter and preclearance letter, Interpretation of SEC regulations and Drafting periodic filings and transactional filings

Beyond IPOs, there are numerous ways for companies to raise needed capital, each with a unique set of advantages, timing, and cost considerations. Atake Consulting helps both public and private companies identify, prepare for, and execute the raising of capital through alternative means, like private placements (144A) and debt offerings.

Throughout all stages of the process our team can assist with:

• Application of offering rules for both registered and unregistered offerings
. Assistance with drafting offering documents and preparing required financial statements
• Evaluation of operational issues and readiness
• Buy-side or sell-side due diligence
• Preparation of Quality of Earnings
• Tax implications
• Preparation of a data room for prospective buyers
• Document accounting for the offering